As you go through an ACT prep course, identify problems that you probably previously got wrong on an ACT test. Want to raise your ACT score by 5 points? You only need to get 5-12 more ACT math problems correct. Based on your goals, which of those do you need to get correct?

Generally, ACT math begins with the easiest problems and gradually problems become more difficult. Increasing success on the first 20-40 ACT Test problems can significantly impact your math score. During ACT prep, attention to easy problems helps students earn higher scores because easy problems:

  1. Are fast, so you can get more done in less time
  2. Have less steps so it is less likely you will make computational errors
  3. Are easy so it is more likely you will get them correct
  4. Are worth the same as hard questions

As part of your ACT prep, raise your score by focusing on the first 20 problems because they are the easiest. Then focus on the next 20 because they are easier than the final 20. Most students run out of time and cannot finish the math test. Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss an opportunity to earn a quick and easy point.

Go for the “low hanging fruit” first. You can earn a 32-33 without ever answering Trig problems. During ACT prep, focus on not making careless errors.

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