First Semester is coming to an end for many high school students in the next week or so. For some, this is a sigh of relief, but worry for the new semester ahead. Here are 5 easy tips (plus a bonus tip!) to make your second semester even better than your first:

  1. Study Time does not equal Social Time. Having friends in your classes is great. Hanging out with your friends is great. But when it comes to study time, friends can be a distraction. In order to make homework a priority, make sure there is nothing (or no one) to distract you. Speaking of distractions…
  2. Put your phone and other distracting websites away. semester distraction #1, Learning Ascent, St. Charles ILWe all know how easy it is to fall into the black hole of social media. What starts off innocently enough as a quick check on Facebook can lead to watching cat videos four hours later (and you don’t even like cats!). Meanwhile, your homework remains unfinished. So put away the distractions before you start studying.
  3. Have a specific study area. Find a place in your house where you can go each night to do your homework. Your bed does not count. Beds are for sleeping, not for studying. Make this space your own. Have extra school supplies on hand. Let your family know this is your space so you can have the privacy of studying.
  4. Use your class notes to make study flashcards. Flashcards are one of the easiest study tools for tests and quizzes. And if you make the flashcards as you go throughout the semester, by the time finals come around, you will have a great study tool already done!
  5. Sleep! Getting enough sleep is not easy, especially as the semester goes on and homework begins to pile up. But try to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night, and make a set time to go to bed. The consistency of bedtime and the adequate amount of sleep will help you be more alert and able to take in more information while at school.

*Bonus Tip!*

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