Winter is officially here in the St. Charles area, and with it comes the threat of Snow Days. But never fear: we at Learning Ascent have you covered. Here are activities you can do with your kids that will make the coldest Snow Day into warm memories (and they’re all educational too!)

Paper Plane Targets

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You can create targets using large sheets of paper like this, or by hanging or taping paper plates around the house. Each target can have different point values. Addition + Paper Airplane Building = Math and Science snow day fun!

Fireworks in a Jar

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All you need for this snow day activity is a tall clear container (like a vase or water bottle), water, oil, and food coloring. Fill the container 2/3 with water, and then add about a 1/2 inch of oil on top. Squirt droplets of food coloring into the oil, and watch it work its way down until it explodes into the water. Why does it do this? Food coloring is water soluble, so it won’t dissolve in the oil (Go science!). Add different colors to make a rainbow explosion!

Blanket Fort Reading Nook

Make the forts as simple or as extravagant as your want. Just make sure you have a lot of comfy pillows, warm blankets, and fun books to keep the snow day cold out. Get in the fort with your kids and read some stories, or better yet, have them practice their reading skills and have them read to you!

Snow Painting

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Bring some snow in from outside, and use water and food coloring to “paint” designs! Or add that colored water into a spray bottle to cover more area. Snow day art projects have never been so fun!

Tell Them Stories from Your Childhood

What did you do on snow days? Where was the best place to go sledding? Did you live somewhere that didn’t get much snow? Tell them about your history and connect. They won’t soon forget the stories, and memories will be made between you and them.

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