For many in the Midwest and the Fox Valley Area here in Illinois, the SAT is a new concept. Most high schools have used the ACT for years, but now that school boards are switching over to the SAT starting as early as next school year, more students are starting to jump on the SAT train. But unlike the ACT where the scores are on a scale of 1-36, the SAT scores are on a scale from 400-1600. So what does that mean? How do you interpret the scores after you take the test?

Rosanna Wang wrote an article explaining how to sort through your score report. Here are the key points in sorting through it all:

  1. The score report will contain a lot of information, but focus on the Total Score, Section Scores, and Percentile scores.
  2. There are two main sections on the SAT: The Evidence Based Reading and Writing, and Math. Each of those sections are scored on a scale of 200-800. This is your Section Score.
  3. The Total Score is the sum of these two sections and will be on a scale of 400-1600.
  4. The Percentile Score shows how you did compared to other students who took the same SAT. The percentage is the percent of people you scored higher than. So if your Percentile score is 75%, that means you scored higher than 75% of other students.
  5. When figuring out whether you did well, consider your SAT scores compared to your grades. If you are a straight A student, but scored an 900 on your total score, something is wrong.
  6. Also consider how your scores compare to the averages of the colleges you are looking to apply to. Look at their admissions statistics. If your score is lower than the average, you might want to retake the test to make up ground. If your score is above the college average, there might be the possibility of scholarships.
  7. If you are not satisfied with your score, you can retake the SAT. The main thing to do is to do something differently to prepare before retaking the test.

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