For most people, math was not their favorite subject in school (unless of course you are a mathematician, in which case, never mind). In fact, the Associated Press did a study in 2005 regarding adults and their view of the subject. 37% of those adults said they “hated” math while in school, and more than twice as many people said they “hated” math more than any other subject.

So what do we do when our kids say they hate math? Do we allow this hatred to follow them into adulthood, or can we change their attitudes–and maybe their grades in the process?

The thing is, all children have the potential to excel, and it is up to parents to help them realize it. But how? Here are a few tips:

  • Break down “Math Myths” and become a Motivator.  Using supportive verbiage will help boost your child’s confidence in the subject. Avoid saying things like, “I’ve always been bad at math.” You also want to avoid characterizing it as “easy” or “hard.” Creating a positive dialogue with your child about math will build their confidence, and help them be more likely to ask for help when they need it.
  • Make it personal. Point out real life examples of where math is used.  Examples could include figuring out what is the best value when grocery shopping or estimating what the total will be, or have them search prices in sale papers or catalogs for an item or toy they want.
  • Get active. Draw a number line on your driveway with chalk and use it to help learn addition and subtraction, counting by two, five, odd numbers, even numbers… the possibilities are endless. Include them in cooking dinner and have them measure out the ingredients.
  • Find your child a tutor. At Learning Ascent, we have multiple tutors who love math and who can help your child learn to love it too. We service students all over the Fox Valley and Tri-Cities area, and help them see the positives math can bring. You can schedule online here or call at (630) 587-2795.

Tips came from this article.

Since 2002, the professional tutors at Learning Ascent in St Charles, IL have provided tutoring and ACT prep, helping thousands of students from Batavia, IL; Geneva, IL; South Elgin, IL; and other Fox Valley towns to improve their academic performance.

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