SAT. ACT. Those three little letters can bring up so many emotions. How can three letters hold so much power? The score you receive on these tests could set the framework for your future, and where you will go in life. Sounds scary, right? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be.

Last year, I was in your shoes. As a senior in high school now, I know exactly how you were feeling leading up to the test. But instead of freaking out, I took a test prep course, which prepared me. Here’s how a prep course could help you get the score you want and the college of your dreams.

In my test prep class, I received personalized attention to my problem areas. Knowing which section and which types of problems were most difficult for me, I could get help on those specific issues. I felt much less overwhelmed with that specific attention compared to when I had to tackle everything on my own.

I learned not only the content on the test but also strategies. These strategies allowed me to answer questions I would never have been able to understand before. Even if I didn’t know the content in a test question, I could use one of the many strategies I had under my belt to work through it.

Because I was enrolled in a test prep class, I had to opportunity to take a full-length practice test. I felt much more comfortable walking in the room on test day knowing that I’d already taken one before.

With the help of practice and new strategies, the course dramatically improved my time management. I finished my exam with confidence, and didn’t feel rushed.

Thanks to my high ACT score, I am in line for a full ride scholarship to a fantastic school that has the major of my dreams. Had I not taken a prep course, this would probably not be a reality for me.

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