Every year, high school juniors across the country take the SAT or ACT for college entrance.  Many have been preparing for this test for months. To help prep for the test, there are two things that will help focus your study time and raise your scores:

Focus more on your weaknesses than your strengths. Which makes sense, if you think about it. Why spend time studying things you already know? Questions about those concepts you will most likely get right. It is the concepts you are not as confident with that will cost you points in the ACT and SAT. By spending more time on those concepts, you will boost for knowledge and confidence, and in turn, boost your score.

Take it one concept at a time. Trying to cram every bit of knowledge needed for the ACT and SAT into an hour of studying will have disastrous consequences. Taking things one at a time will help solidify that concept in your memory. Do not move on to a new concept until you have mastered what you are currently studying. It should become second nature to you. Once you study another concept and master it, go back and review what you studied earlier to make sure you still remember it.

The ACT and SAT may seem intimidating, but they don’t have to be. If studying seems overwhelming, consider signing up for an ACT or SAT prep course at Learning Ascent to get tutoring. We can help you work on those problem subjects and get the score you could hope for!


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