Next College Recruitment Seminar with Aspire Soccer Consulting is scheduled for Sunday, October 15th from 7- 8pm

Location: Learning Ascent Tutoring House at 2020 Dean Street, Unit N, St Charles, IL.

Please call 630-587-2795 to reserve you seat. Space limited.

Did you know colleges give more Scholastic Scholarships than Athletic Scholarships? Want to know how to quality for those scholarship? Yep! Every college wants strong students. Part of the journey is preparing for standardized tests. (Yikes!) Check out these upcoming classes time. They are filling now:

ACT Classes

Tuesday 7-9pm
January 30-April 10
(No class 3/27)

Tuesday 4:30-7pm
February 13-April 10
(No class 3/27)

Sunday 6:30-9pm
April 8-June 3
(No class 5/27)

SAT Classes

Monday 7-9
January 22-April 2
(No class 3/26)

Thursday 7-9
February 22-May 3
(No class 3/29)

Athletic Recruitment GOAL Class

Athletic Recruitment Class Saturday, Nov 4 and 11th

Athletic Recruitment Class Sunday, Nov 5 and 12th
2-5 pm

Sign up at or call 630-587-2795! Private tutoring for tough subjects and standardized tests also available.
Just want to check out Learning Ascent Tutoring and meet the tutors? Join the fun at their Open House on Thursday, October 26th from 4-8 pm! Treats for parents and for students!

What happens when talented athletes, supportive families, dedicated club coaches, and recruitment education from Aspire Soccer Consulting & Resources all collaborate for the benefit of student-athletes? Record numbers of local student-athletes find the right scholastic and athletic collegiate sporting opportunity!

We look forward to helping your athlete get on the right track to play their sport in college!

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