Executive moms manage a daily storm of expectation in an increasingly disrupted world. In the workplace, they often advise clients, coach direct reports, and drive bottom lines. At home, they may coordinate carpools, plan meals, and manage the myriad of activities required to support growing families.

Many “E-Moms” struggle to walk the ‘tightrope of demand’ between work and family responsibilities. Work demands outcomes. Children require attention and encouragement. And while children don’t come with directions, they do come with questions, homework, sports schedules, music lessons, projects, and more issues than a vegetarian at Fogo de Chao. What’s an Executive Mom to do?

“Finding balance in a disrupted world is essential for Executive Moms.” Working Mom lists some great tips to help you hold it all together. Triaging life’s complexities is a valuable discipline. While advice is cheap, your kids’ scholastic concerns are not. Most importantly, how do you focus the right amount of energy on ensuring your child is successful at school? What questions should you ask? What actions should you take?

Identifying your student’s current and future scholastic demands is a great first step. Asking the right questions, building a solid support team, & taking timely action will get you on the path to balance. Here is a “CliffsNotes” rendering of ideas “E- Moms” have shared.

Step 1: Ask the Right Questions

Your unique child and situation will generate some unique questions; yet, most of us face many of the same childhood education struggles. These questions might help you get started.

Step 2: Build Your Support Team

All moms need to identify and leverage the right support team. Consider all the roles you may be forced to play: household manager, coach, driver, mentor, dog walker, accountant, and tutor. Consider which of these jobs are available for “outsourcing” and prioritize those in terms of importance, time, and cost. Hiring a housekeeper or dog walker may free up valuable time and relieve daily stress. One Lawyer mom raising 4 lacrosse athletes hired a part-time driver to help manage the sporting schedule.

Executive Moms agree that connecting your child with a qualified and engaged tutor will yield a significant return on investment. Your child gets on a positive scholastic path and builds self-confidence and a passion for learning. You restore some balance and rest to your frenetic life. No one ever “drifts” into a less complicated life. Plan some time to design your team.

Step 3: Take Timely Action

The last step is to take action by outsourcing some of your workload. Continuing to do more is not a sustainable option. Please consider reaching out to a reputable local tutoring house and booking lessons for your kids. Then treat yourself to the gym or to time with friends or to a nap. Learning Ascent Tutoring has been inspiring students and supporting executive moms since 2002. Our highest ambition is to inspire student success. The trust these moms extend to us is rewarded through their children’s exceptional scholastic results. It is a privilege to serve them.

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