The ACT writing sections is a unique portion of the test.  It is scored differently than the other sections and makes the test longer.  In the additional 40 minutes, students will write an original essay that will be graded on a scale from 2-12.  Based on this scale, the average score for this section is an 8.  However, there are many benefits for students who take and score well on this portion of the test. There are two main reasons to take the ACT writing:

1. Colleges use your Essay to help with Admissions and Course Placement Decisions

When you submit your essay and ACT score to a college, they will use that score to determine whether you are accepted.  In addition, they will use this information to determine if you are eligible to skip any general education courses, such as English or Writing courses.  By testing out of these courses, students can spend less money overall and focus on classes specific to their major.  This can only be done if you take the ACT Writing Section.

2. High schools can use this Information to Track Progress

This means that high schools can track students’ progress on the ACT Writing to determine what classes they should take the following year.  If students score high enough, they can be placed in AP level classes!  Typically, students who take more AP level classes in high school can test out of those same classes when they get to college.  This can save them thousands of dollars in tuition costs!  In addition, your writing score can help determine if students should win awards and scholarships based on their writing ability.  More scholarships mean more money for college!

The ACT Writing Section will increase your testing time by 40 minutes, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks when it comes to your scholastic future.  There are many strategies Learning Ascent uses for scoring well on the ACT Writing test, check them out here!

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