With the end of 8th grade looming for most students, the initial thought is summer! Summer can’t come fast enough for most students.  However, the summer after 8th grade is an important one.  This summer marks the transition into high school.  High school can be daunting to most incoming freshman.  The perks that seem to come with starting high school can be exciting!  Perks like learning to drive, school dances, football games, and an increase in freedom! It is important however, not to forget about the increase in responsibility that comes with the move to high school.  Here are some tips for parents on how to help your child tackle their freshman year and set them up for a successful high school career! Parents can also help their child Learn Better Study Habits to aid them throughout their academic careers!

Let Them Get Involved!

Joining clubs and activities can boost their confidence and give them creative outlets for their energy.  Now, don’t let them get too carried away by trying to join too much at once!  It can often be disheartening when students join too much at once and are forced to give something up.  Start small by having them join 2 clubs, or a sport/band their freshman year and see how they handle it.  They can always join more later.

Getting involved also can help build their time management and teamwork skills.  These skills can transition into the classroom as well!  Team activities are inescapable in high school.  Learning to work well with others can be a great benefit to incoming freshman!  Not to mention, time management skills are imperative throughout your child’s life.  Learning how to balance academia/work with other, more fun, activities can set your child up for great success.

Get Them A Planner!

I know, this sounds dorky.  Speaking as a grown woman, I love my planner!  I still use one for everything that goes on in my life.  This started when I was in high school.  Planners help students get, and stay, organized.  Especially if that student is involved in a variety of things during the school year.  Between all the musical rehearsals, baseball practice, NHS meetings, and piano lessons it can be hard to keep track of everything.  This usually means that homework and academic success fall to the way-side.  A planner is a way for students not only to make lists of what needs to be accomplished but budget their time so they know what needs to be done now and what can wait.

The key to a successful planner is making sure your student writes in it every day.  This benefits you as the parents as well.  Your freshman will know exactly what needs to be accomplished every day, and you as the parent can help your student when you see they might need it!  Beginning high school with a planner not only sets your student up to succeed during their freshman year, but throughout high school and college as well!  Planner’s teach lifelong skills such as setting up reachable goals and time management.  

Don’t forget! Hish School is when your child will take the ACT/SAT.  Learn more about each test here and find out when your student should be taking and preparing for the test!

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