Parenting is hard. Saying the right things to help your child become a good person is even harder. How can you help your child see that you not only love them, but that you respect them? Here are a few phrases that can help:

  1. “I like you.” This is different from “I love you.” Saying “I like you” tells your child you like who they are as a person. As a parent, you’re obligated to love your kids. It takes a great deal more effort to like
  2. “How about we agree to…” This helps create common ground and show that you are willing to listen to their problems and requests. It creates a dialogue between you and your child and they will feel like they are being heard.
  3. “Tell me more.” This phrase goes beyond asking “yes” or “no” questions. Asking your child, “How was your day?” will probably get an “It was fine” answer. Saying, “Tell me what you learned in math today” opens that conversation.
  4. “We all make mistakes.” Letting your child know that you are human too will help lessen the sting of messing up. Inevitably your child will make a mistake. Many of them. Letting them know it’s a part of life can help them cope and learn from it.

When it comes to parenting, the best thing you can do is love your kid and help them be the best person they can be.

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