The first step to studying effectively is creating the optimum study space for you.  This study area should be your go to place to get all your homework and studying done.  Your study space should be tailored to you and your personal study needs.

Step 1: What Distracts You?

Find out what is distracting to you.  Do you get easily engaged by noises such as the TV, cleaning around the house, or moving vehicles? Do you distain quiet and NEED a bit of background noise? Discover what shouldn’t be a part of your study space.  Once you’ve discovered what distracts you, choose an area accordingly.  This could be your local library, the basement of your house, or even your back yard if it’s warm enough.  Studying in your room isn’t a good idea, however.  This may be the place you are most comfortable and relaxed, but it is most likely riddled with distractions.

Step 2: Put the Phone on Silent.

Cell phones have become part of everyday life for many of us.  However, they should not be a part of your study space.  Having your cell phone near you while studying allows you to get distracted by social media and outside communication.  Often, students will try to study while listening to music on their phones as well.  However, this is a bad idea.  You will most likely find yourself too focused on the music to remember any of the material you’re looking at.  Turn it to silent and hide it in your bag or push it out of arms reach.  It will still be there when you finish studying.

Step 3: Actually study!

Learning Ascent uses a few tips and tricks to create Effective Study Habits for its students.  Follow these and make your study space a place for productivity!

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